STYLE GURU BIO: Angie Kovacs

My name is Angie Kovacs and I am the one and only Style Guru for the University of Western Ontario. I am a student in Media, Information, Technoculture; and English Language and Literature. I am hoping to use this combination, along with my love of fashion, to work in fashion media.

I have been in love with fashion since I was small and made my own Barbie clothes. Since then I have been designing, sewing, and obsessing over fashion. I decided when I was eleven years old that I was going to work in the fashion industry. I feel that fashion is the art that we live our lives in everyday, which is why it is so important. Fashion is absolutely everywhere and I love being able to see the different ways that people express themselves.

I am so unbelievably excited to be able to write for CollegeFashionista this semester. Writing for a fashion publication is my dream, so this internship is my dream come true by allowing me into the fashion world (and an excuse to be fashion obsessed).

My personal style ranges from boho to grunge and everything in-between. I don’t like to limit my fashion possibilities. This means I shop everywhere and anywhere for great finds; my favourite places to shop are Forever 21 and Value Village. I find my fashion inspiration on TV, in movies and of course on websites like CollegeFashionista.

I’m excited to share with CollegeFashionista this fall, throwing some Canadian fall and winter fashion into the CollegeFashionista mix.