STYLE GURU BIO: Andrea del Rio

Hey everyone! I´m Andy and I´m psyched to be joining CollegeFashionista! I´m Mexican and Spanish (currently living and studying in Mexico, in the city of León), and I´m a Marketing and Advertising Senior.

My everyday style is rather polished and classical, but I´m also daring and never afraid to shock a little from time to time. For these occasions, I like to rock a bold lip (unusual colors welcome! see the Viva Glam Mac Lipstick I´m wearing in my pictures), a statement piece like a fashionable jumpsuit, or even crazy colored hair –been there, my hair almost fell out, but I regret nothing! – I´d love to say that I´ve sworn off the bleach, but something tells me it´s just a matter of time!

Moving on… I´ve had the lucky chance to travel the world and learn other languages while living in countries such as the United States, France and Spain. Traveling is something I will never get tired of doing (as much as I may miss my bed sometimes!), but I think there´s nothing like knowing other places, people and cultures to open up one´s mind and grow as a person. Added bonus: in terms of fashion, going to some places like Europe is almost time travel to the future!

Anyway, before I wonder off any further into the future… My hobbies are reading, writing, painting and playing volleyball. I love animals and will do anything to protect them, specially dogs. I´m super obsessed with Victoria´s Secret models and any kind of marketing content they publish. If you want to know about a certain model´s name, nationality, height, weight, hobbies, number of hairs on her head and moles on her skin, just ask me 😉 okay just kidding! But I do know some things about most of them.

As I mentioned before, my major is Marketing and Advertising, and it is as related to fashion as any other thing you may want to sell. So no, it´s not common for students in my major (or in my college) to join CollegeFashionista, but I really like writing, fashion and taking pictures, so I´m really excited! In addition to studying, I´m currently also working as an E-commerce manager for an enterprise that sells automotive parts (sure, not the most glamorous industry, but that´s what I have College Fashionista for!)

Last but definitely not least, I love my family, my dogs and most of all my handsome boyfriend! I have a sister, Marianne, who is one year younger; a brother, Carlos, who´s three years younger; and a beautiful couple of loving parents who always support me, Diana and Fernando. I have many pets, but my baby is Minnie, my Chihuahua (who is a tiny fashionista). To top it all off, the cherry on top is Juanjo, my boyfriend of seven years, who I love and have travelled everywhere with. All these wonderful people make my life happy and complete, in addition of them always supporting my crazy ideas.