STYLE GURU BIO: Anchalee Pagsanjan

Hi there Fashionistas/os! My name is Anchalee Pagsanjan, and I am a freshman at Rutgers University. I’m planning to major in Psychology and Labor Studies with a minor in Business Administration. This is the first semester that I am writing for CollegeFashionista, and I am excited to explore the countless trends seen around campus and around the city. Being that Rutgers is such a diverse community, I cannot wait to show off the unique styles of my fellow Scarlet Knights. I hope you enjoy their fashion as much as I will enjoy writing about them this semester.

As for me, I always had a thing for fashion. My parents always complain that I buy too many clothes and say, “Do you even wear all of that?” when they look at my closet. Fortunately, my style has evolved throughout the years, and I have outgrown mismatching days. I am currently loving urban street style. Black and white clothing have been my best friends this fashion year. I mean, how could you go wrong with black and white? I have taken advantage of the color-blocking and monochromatic trends and incorporated them in my everyday wardrobe. Finding inspiration from the Fashionistas/os on Instagram, I am always adding different aspects to my daily apparel. I try to explore every type of style from grunge to preppy. Fashion is always changing, so I believe that you should keep an open mind to various styles and trends.

Other than my love for fashion, I also enjoy working out and lifting. Staying in shape is a must for me, especially because I have four years of running experience from high school. However, I do love my Hot Cheetos, sushi and bubble tea. These are my three weaknesses. You can always spot me eating one of these, and maybe even sour gummy worms! To complement my love for fashion, I enjoy photography. I am always looking for new spots and new people to shoot with.

I cannot wait to start posting awesome and trendy outfits. I hope that I will inspire other Fashionistas/os to grow and evolve their style, and I know I will get inspired from them, as well. Let us start the new year and semester with perfect outfits and express ourselves freely through the art of fashion.