STYLE GURU BIO: Anchalee Pagsanjan

Hi there, Fashionistas/os! My name is Anchalee Pagsanjan, and I am a sophomore at Rutgers University. I’m planning to major in Communications with a Human Resources, Psychology and Entrepreneurship minor. This is the second semester that I am writing for CollegeFashionista, and I am excited to explore the countless trends seen around campus and around the city. Fall is definitely my favorite season for fall. Every style works for fall. Fall is super versatile—something I love because my style is everywhere. I cannot wait to show off the unique styles of my fellow Scarlet Knights. I hope you enjoy their fashion as much as I will enjoy writing about them this semester.

I’ve loved fashion ever since I was little. And now, I have way too many clothes for my closet—actually though. Sometimes I’d rather buy new clothes than do laundry. It’s such a bad habit. I have countless tops and bottoms in my closet that still have the price tag on them!

My style is everywhere, but I am currently loving contemporary street style. Black and white clothing have been my best friends this fashion year. I mean, how could you go wrong with black and white? I have taken advantage of the color-blocking and monochromatic trends and incorporated them in my everyday wardrobe. I try to explore every type of style from grunge to preppy. Fashion is always changing so I believe that you should keep an open mind to various styles and trends.

Other than the mall or online shopping on my laptop, you can find me at the gym lifting or outside running. I’m a big fitness junkie. I love working out, but I also love eating. I work out to eat. That’s my secret.

Well that’s basically all about me. I can’t wait to write again for this semester. Hope you guys enjoy my articles!