I am proud to say that this is the fourth Style Guru Bio I wrote for CollegeFashionista. I started off interning with the idea that blogging would be a fun way to stay in touch with my love for fashion in between studying for my science classes as a microbiology major. Here I am, four semesters later, in a completely different major, pursuing a career that involves fashion. I am a third-year telecommunication-production major, minoring in art history at the University of Florida. I can easily say that interning for CollegeFashionista was the catalyst that pushed me into following my passions, and I am forever grateful.

Upon focusing on style more, since becoming a Style Guru, I have discovered that it is impossible to define myself under one fashion category. My style is constantly evolving, and I am more and more open to experimentation from the discovery of new and old trends. I go through phases, especially as seasons change, and my closet begins to integrate new pieces and resurface the old ones laying around.

Although I cannot be confined to have a specific style, I can describe myself as a Style Guru that is focused on detail. I am a keen believer in the concept that accessories are the key pieces to an outfit. In the outfit I am showcasing for this article, I am letting the details speak for themselves. I decided to wear a striped, slip dress over a graphic T-shirt, and I used the thin belt, that is supposed to be worn around the waist, as a scarf. I tied the scarf in a way to make it seem like a choker from the front, but in the back, the two long ends flow beneath my low bun. I gravitated toward colorful accent pieces. Like the stand-out letters of the shirt, I wore a stand-out purse, shaped in the form of a sunny-side up egg.

Like detail, comfort is a top-level quality that I strive for in my everyday wear. Sometimes, I ditch the heels for flat sandals, and that small swap transforms my outfit completely. After all, confidence and comfort go hand-in-hand, and confidence is all you need for a killer outfit.

I hope my articles inspire you to dig into your closet and create unique looks or try out that trend you’ve never had the guts to actually wear, but have secretly always wanted to.