Hey everyone! My name is Amy Dutko, I am a sophomore at Kent State University studying fashion design. This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista and I am super excited to get started! Hopefully you can get to know me a little better through my bio and my monthly posts throughout the semester!

I have always been a lover of art. My mom made sure to take me to exhibits at our local art museum regularly and incorporate art into my life the best she could while I was young. So naturally, I grew up with an appreciation for art. I think the diversity and constant change of fashion is what drew me into it. Growing up in the suburbs, nothing ever changed, except the weather. I loved that fashion changed constantly, you could read the August issue of Vogue and be amazed, then expect something completely different and equally amazing in the pages of September.

Loving different aspects of fashion and putting them together is what creates a person’s individual style. Like fashion, my style is ever changing. I could never settle on one trend or “category” of fashion because I am inspired by everything around me. A vacation, a magazine or even an individual could change my outlook on my own personal style.

You can always find me with my phone in had, or on my laptop, with my kate spade new york purse nearby. I am addicted to social media like any other college student. I think it is awesome how it brings people from all around the world together. I love being outside and drinking pumpkin spice anything. I strictly believe that kate spade new york can make any day brighter, that the heels are worth it no matter how much they hurt, that bobby pins are meant to get lost, that you can never go wrong with a little back dress and red lipstick and that fashion makes my world go round.