January 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

As I was unpacking my suitcase, I deciphered what I should wear for my first ever post as a Style Guru, my decision soon became a no-brainer. Although I am so excited to begin my internship as a Style Guru, I am even more excited to show off a few of the new garments I received for my birthday!

As a college athlete, I am not willing to sacrifice the same type of comfort I get in my practice tees in my everyday attire. My winter solution to comfort and style is layering, with a particular focus on lightweight sweaters. This ASOS patchwork sweater is the perfect transition piece from fall to winter. From my own experience, the shape of a garment matters just as much as the structure. The bell sleeves give this look a feminine flare, but allows me to wear edgier pieces to create a truly unique look. I love this piece so much that I ended up buying it online as a birthday gift for myself. ASOS tends to have great and frequent sales. College students also benefit with a daily 10 percent discount.

Because of the daily deals ASOS offers, it is also a great store to buy gifts for friends. Instead of gifting this leather bag like I originally intended, I decided to hold onto it. I was in love to say the least, and I still am. I try to avoid pairing pieces that make my look too “matchy-matchy,” and I think this ASOS cross-body bag helps me achieve a chic look comprised of both softness and edge. I usually describe this quality of matching, but not too closely, as a look that simply goes together. This bag can also act as a statement piece to an outfit when paired with a plain T-shirt.

My necklace is a local boutique one-of-a-kind from Sea Turtle Creations. Boutiques are the best places to find unique and wearable pieces. The majority of my jewelry is from a boutique, which helps me keep my style unique and fun.

No matter what the current trends are, some pieces will stay with you for years as a part of your signature style. These Lucky Brand boots have been my go-to shoes since my junior year in high school. Other ways to wear this outfit would be trading out these black heeled boots with Frye boots for a more laid back look or combat boots to make this look even edgier.

These pieces are comfortable and non-restricting, which are my essential qualities of any outfit. As someone who is constantly on-the-go, I find that it is crucial for my style to reflect my ambitious, easygoing and adventurous personality while simultaneously translating into functionality.