Oh why, hello there! My name is Amy Cain and welcome my STYLE GURU BIO! Here I am back for my third semester writing for CollegeFashionista and it’s a charm. The greatest thing about my time writing for CollegeFashionista is that the Fashionistas/os I write about tend to inspire my viewpoint on style and life. You see, my cool gray streaks were inspired by a lovely gray haired Fashionista, who encouraged me to join the gray trend.

For further background check, I am entering senior year (part one) at Central Michigan University! I am double concentrating in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a minor in Advertising. From intense garment construction to the core fundamentals of advertisement, this semester will be whole new level of knowledge.

So you want to know about my style aye? Well readers, my personal style honestly consists of whatever I feel like wearing each day. One day I want to dress in a button-up and tie, and another day I want to wear every crazy print in my closet. Being a Stylist Assistant to Randal Jacobs and exploring the city of Detroit this summer, I have learned that fashion is an art that must be worn to display your individual soul. Even If we live in a world of mass production, we must wear a garment in a certain way to differentiate us from the rest. When you wear something, one must say, “that is so you.”

I have always been fascinated by the recycling trends over the years. For example, this purse is actually my mom’s from the ’90s and its funny seeing the similar replicas being sold in Forever 21. That is why I am inspired and open to any trend, old or new, because they simply never die. You never know, maybe Crocs will make a fierce comeback five years from now.

I am modeling a polka-dot cropped top sewn together with my little sewing machine, and a pair of my favorite black slacks from Salvation Army. This outfit may not have any color, however, the loud polka-dotted shirt speaks with enthusiasm. To show my spontaneous personality, I am also rocking some Christmas antlers simply because I felt like it.

Now that you have read my bio, you must commit and stay tuned for my future articles on the fired up styles of Central Michigan University. Who knows, it may even be about your RAD style!