STYLE GURU BIO: Ambre Lethier

Hi Fashionistas! My name is Ambre and I’m 21 years old, currently living in Barcelona but “Frenchy” in reality. And NO, Paris is not the only cool city in France. Go take a look at mine, Lyon, and you might discover yourself a real crush and never leave!

I have been a fashion lover for as long as I can remember. My perfect mom always made me my own costumes for Carnaval and Halloween and I was so proud to have my own unique style.

You know that strange kid that only cared about dressing her Barbie and never made any love story with Ken? That was me. It went on with the Sims after because who cares about making them live once they are dressed and you made the house?!

My first internship was with a fashion-designer. While all of my friends were with doctors or firemen, I was working with fashion. But come on—fashion also saves lives too, right ?

I think the best way to describe my style is to say simple but efficient. I don’t think you need a lot to look great. The key word of French fashion is definitely classy; whatever a French girl’s style is, it will always, in a way, seem classy. We’re not the homeland of Dior and Chanel for nothing right?

Well, I don’t pretend that I am even one/tenth as good as they are but I always try to follow the lead and do my best, usually by spending money I don’t have for a dress that I don’t need but definitely want.

Here, I am wearing a shirt from Forever 21, skirt from SuiteBlanco, shoes from Texto, headband from Tiger and rings from Bershka. This is an easy and casual look I like to wear when it’s sunny because the skirt makes me feel like a poppy flower. It’s my favorite flower ever, a flower that blooms on its own and that you can not pick or it loses its beauty.

I am very excited to show you guys my own version of fashion. I’ll be posting every Wednesday so come and take a look around!