Clothing has always been a huge part of my life. The beginning of my fashion-crazed existence began at the beginning of third grade. It was the first day of school and my mom had taken her time to pick out the cutest little outfit. I said, “Mom… I don’t want to be like the other kids. I’m no follower. I want to stand out. Look, let me show you.” Scrawny little eight-year-old me proceeded to walk to my closet and get out a red and white polka-dotted skirt and a pair of flared jeans. I said, “See mom? I am wearing these… both of these.” She was always very supportive of my weird choices, so she cheered me on and off to school I went in a pair of blue jeans and a little mini skirt hanging out on top.

Through the years, I went through my skirt and jeans phase, my Goth phase, my country phase and a million others along the way. I eventually found who I am today: A combination of all of my crazy phases, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Who wants to be pegged as one specific style? Just like skirt and jeans Amber said, I want to stand out.

My name is Amber Reno. I was born and raised in Piketon, Oh.—aka the tiniest little town that you will ever find in all of the United States of America. With such little to do in my area, I had to find some kind of entertainment. I started writing and performing music with my best friend at age 11, and let me tell you, our music was bad. However, we never stopped and it eventually became our one true love and passion. I can now say that I have pursued my passion with all of my might; I even got to open up for the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley last year! (Eek!). Another thing that I found to fill in all the free time was beauty; this is where the fashion and makeup came in! It is just so fun to have a creative outlet where you can truly express who you are!

In this specific outfit, I went with some ripped up jeans, a basic halter top, some round sunnies and cute little black booties. I feel like this is perfect for the first day back to school because it is so simple, yet so fashionable!

I feel like to accurately provide a bio of myself, I have to tell you some things that I love. This includes peppermint scented everything, writing and performing music, Xena Warrior Princess, yoga, watching Friends with my cats, provolone grilled cheese sandwiches, Lost, turtles, getting new makeup,  guitars, making YouTube videos, Jesus and going on wonderful adventures.

I can’t wait to see where this amazing opportunity will take me, and I’m so glad that I get to be on this journey with all of you.