STYLE GURU BIO: Amber Joglar

Hello my fellow Fashionistas! My name is Amber Joglar, and I am a fashion merchandising major with a minor in photojournalism at Kent State University in Ohio. Fashion has always been a passion of mine, even as a little girl. I’ve always seen it as a way to express myself and display my unique personality to the world. I was always dressing in crazy colors and prints, showing everyone how outgoing and different I was. Even though my style has since been streamlined, I still use it as a way to demonstrate who I am.

I was originally born in Pennsylvania, then moved to Maryland at a young age, and my family currently resides in West Virginia while I attend school out of state. I’ve never been one interested in settling: I love experiencing new places and people. One of my greatest aspirations is to travel the world. I am incredibly passionate about learning about new cultures, different societal values and trends of different countries.

My style matches my personality: forever changing. While I do tend to stick to grunge-chic, I like to switch things up occasionally with some bohemian or preppy elements, such as oxford flats, a floppy hat and knee-high socks. Both accessories add variance and uniqueness to a particular look. I always encourage people to take fashion risks! Fashion is an industry for you to be yourself, utterly and completely. Never be afraid to strut your stuff and show the world what makes you, you!

I’m very excited to embark on this journey with CollegeFashionista, and my fellow fashion-forward young men/women, and can’t wait to share with you the fashion trends I stumble upon!