Okkkuurr! Welcome to my page! My name is Amani Orr and I attend The New School in New York City (doesn’t everyone in this thing?). I love all things fashion and pop culture and I’m beyond excited to join the College Fashionista team this fall!

For years clothing was never about this looks good with this, or this color makes this pop. To me it was just about being comfortable in my skin and showing my personality through my clothing. I never wore skirts and loved to wear oversized sport jerseys with baseball caps. My clothing choices were definitely considered to be more on the “boyish” side. People thought I was a boy for so long, but I just loved being comfortable and was a sports fanatic. . That was me and to me that was style.

I lost my sense of style the moment I began dressing like everyone else. I feel with this platform I can regain the true essence of my style. I believe it is important to honor yourself through your clothing and not shy away from things you love!

I look forward to showing you all my sassy, flirty, carefree style this semester and to explore or uncover the amazing and very diverse fashions of The New School. Please join me on this crazy ride full of passion, fashion and so much more. Hopefully you find your own style along the way.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram/Twitter to keep up with me…because to be honest aren’t we all sick of trying to keep up with the Kardashians? Never.