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STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Serrano

August 29th, 2016 at 2:06am

After spending my summer in my beautiful hometown of Los Angeles, I am back to finish my last year at the University of San Francisco. Coming back to my second home almost an entire year after I spent last semester studying abroad, makes coming home feeling more exhilarating and refreshing this time around.

Although the feeling is bittersweet, as it is the last time I will be doing many things as a college student, it feels amazing to be back in the Bay. As I say goodbye to many of my lasts, I welcome all the firsts coming my way. I cannot wait for what the future has in store for me this year of new beginnings.

With that being said, hello my fellow trendsetters and fashion aficionados! My name is Amanda and I am a senior at the University of San Francisco majoring in business marketing.  As I begin my senior year and it also marks an entire year since I first started being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! Yay! From tuning into Office Hours with CollegeFashionista to watching the Snapchats of my fellow Style Gurus and the CollegeFashionista team, being a Style Guru has really come to shape my overall college experience in an extremely positive way. This past year has been filled with constant inspiration and motivation to keep being ambitious in order to get to where I want to be in life. What has made this experience that much better is that I have been given the opportunity to fuse my love for fashion while still reaching my goals and bettering my skills as a marketing major. This is all in thanks to CollegeFashionista for always keeping me on top of nothing less than my A game. As if this is not enough, through the past year, I have also learned more about styling from my fellow Style Gurus and been inspired by so many of them.

In my previous bios, I’ve mentioned how I see myself as a fashion mood ring and always give the advice to be bold. So in an attempt to take my own advice, I decided to channel my grunge look. For this look, I’m wearing an Iron Maiden shirt, a bomber jacket and a velvet choker paired with my essential black high-waisted jeans and black heeled booties.

Like I have encouraged before, always try new styles regardless of what your reservations are. Be bold and be you. Here’s to an amazing semester of new beginnings.