STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Pittman

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos, or lets go with Fashionistis. #genderneutralforthewin

I am Amanda Pittman, I am a sophomore at Grand Valley State University, I major in hospitality, but I emphasize in events. My career goals as of today include becoming an event planner in the fashion industry.

Lets start with some fun facts. First off, I started my college experience in Bournemouth, England, studying at an Arts Uni where I majored in creative events management. It was a bomb experience, awesome, 10/10 would do it again. I had the opportunity to travel during my free-time and visited the likes of Berlin, Edinburgh, Paris and more. When I came home from England I was a lonely woman, and my sister introduced me to a stray dog who I later named after one of my fav designers, Dior.

Alongside my love for Dior (the fashion house and the dog) is my love for shoes. I became attached to them at the reasonable age of 14, and have been spending (wasting?…  psh, nooo) my money on them ever since. This ma has more than 50, think 60-80 pairs of shoes. I. Am. In. Love. In LOVE. If you think my shoe addiction is a bit radical, lets get to my favorite animal… butterflies. Yes, they’re animals, and they are my favorite.

So as this shoe loving, butterfly defending, travel doing, dog momma, how would I describe my style? I am not going to…why? Because I am hoping this serves as some marketing tactic to keep you all lingering on my posts, to decipher for yourselves who the Pitt really is. *pops my collar and slowly turns to strut away*