STYLE GURU BIO: Amanda Cathleen Peterson

August 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

My name is Amanda Cathleen Peterson. I am a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in journalism and public relations with a minor in business administration. I am also pursuing a certificate in French.

Fashion-wise, I don’t believe in having to stick with one particular style. There’s nothing wrong with being preppy one day, and a little punk rock the next. My style ranges from self-proclaimed hippy to hipster and everything in between. I use fashion as a way to express myself and I see each day as an opportunity to do so differently.

I am a firm believer that red lipstick is always appropriate. I am also an avid collector of Alex and Ani bracelets. I don’t care much for jewelry but these are very minimalist. I love the thoughtful, sentimental charms and how you can create a stack that is completely unique to you. Some staples of my wardrobe include high-waisted everything and plain shoes (for the most part). I’d honestly rather go barefoot but in the Pennsylvania winters, that is kind of unrealistic. You have a far greater chance of seeing me in a dress or skirt then pants, but I won’t lie, when I find the right pair of jeans, it is a euphoric experience.

The shirt I am pictured wearing is from Monday Dress. I’ve only started shopping there recently but really love some of the patterns they have. I am and always have been a  sucker for floral, and more recently desert patterns. I bought this shirt along side another off-the-shoulder shirt with a cactus pattern. The jeans are from Charlotte Russe. The purse is Franco Sarto but I actually got it at Goodwill. My mom instilled in me an appreciation for second hand treasures and thrift shopping.

I am so excited to be back as a Style Guru for a second semester and I can’t wait to show you a little piece of my world.