STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Meijer

Hello, Fashionistas/os! I’m Alyssa Meijer, and I’m in the final stretch of my undergrad, majoring in Literature and Writing Studies at California State University, San Marcos. This is my first term with CollegeFashionista and I’m stoked to see what this fall has in store.

I first began to understand fashion as a way of articulation and expression at a fairly young age. I took notice of how my mom dressed and appreciated that she wore what she felt most comfortable in, made apparent by her stride when she walked out the door in the same jewelry she wore as a teenager or the same jackets she thrifted with my dad on their pre-marriage/children dates. I aspired to be like my mom and not a mannequin from the mall; she was happy and that made her beautiful. My mom took her appearance seriously but with a grain of salt, both owning the responsibility of her presentation and enjoying the process of constructing it.

Being both born and raised in Southern California, particularly Los Angeles, my style has always been fairly casual, and presentable (though not always). T-shirts and jeans are staples, and jackets are somewhat unnecessary for most of the year. Though I grew up observing mostly American fashion, my travels to the Netherlands to visit family throughout my life has allotted me with an exposition of fashion beyond what I know in the States. Following graduation, I plan to travel throughout Asia with the intention of expanding my understanding in both fashion and in literature, creating a collection of clothing and a broader bank of knowledge to implement in my writing.

I’ve not graduated just yet and there is plenty to learn from during this term. I look forward to this semester, sharing and learning from all of my fellow Fashionistas/os!