STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Acevedo

STYLE GURU BIO: Alyssa Acevedo

Hi there, Fashionistas/os!

I decided to first come onboard last spring as a Style Guru and this past summer as an editorial intern—clearly they can’t get rid of me. Since joining CollegeFashionista, I have gained a ton of new skills that I would have never learned in the classroom (sorry professors). This internship has allowed me to break out of my shell and meet a ton of fashionable people who have the same interests in mind. I was also given many opportunities to attend Q&A’s and summer workshops that allowed me to network with people in the industry. So how could I say no to another semester as a Style Guru?

For those of you who are newcomers this semester, my name is Alyssa. I’m a journalism major and just entered my final year at Penn State. Even though half of my professors have said the words “print journalism is going to be non-existent in the next couple of years,” that has not stopped me from being excited about my career plans—not yet at least. I’m an aspiring fashion writer who just wants to travel the world. I also enjoy the simple things in life like lying in bed with my puppy while watching HGTV and sipping on a glass of wine.

I always say I don’t like to put a label on my style because it changes everyday. One day I’ll be wearing a T-shirt dress that I styled with a baseball cap and Converse. Then the next I’ll be wearing the outfit featured in the images above—a jean skirt that I paired with an off-the-shoulder bodysuit and this to die for bomber jacket.

With that being said, I hope you all stick with me this semester and I can’t wait to see all of the stylish Fashionistas/os your campus has to offer!