STYLE GURU BIO: Ally Rohmann

Hey there Fashionistas! I’m Ally Rohmann and I am a Providence College Class of 2015 graduate. Throughout my time at Providence College, I dreamed of living in New York City after graduation. Unfortunately, this dream had to be put on hold for one more year. After two inspiring summers interning for fashion houses in the city, as well as countless hours preparing for and attending New York Fashion Week, I am determined to find another outlet for my love of fashion while I spend the next 266 days (but who’s counting?) studying for my MBA.

From as early as I can remember, fashion has always had a role in my life. From thumbing through Harper’s Bazaar with my mom, to over the top outfits in middle school involving argyle knee-high socks and double layered polos (no, I did not go to a private school), my mom has always been my style mentor. She is the one that taught me that “navy is a devil to match,” “white shoes will always be heinous” and the tricks to appropriately button a blazer. My internship with CollegeFashionista is an ode to my mother, her grandmother and my nana—three generations of impeccably dressed women—as well as an opportunity for me to share all of the knowledge I have acquired along the way.

When describing my design aesthetic, I believe that I am the love child of Stevie Nicks and Tim Gunn, with Anna Wintour as my style godmother. A boho girl with a polite and polished look, guided by a strong editorial hand. My look tends to feature the greatest purchase of my young life, an incredible Topshop leather jacket, way too many DIY patched denim pieces and miscellaneous articles from each of my brothers closets, for example the University baseball hat in this week’s photos or a tartan plaid bowtie.

CollegeFashionista has served as inspiration, an affirmation of my dreams and will now hopefully be the saving grace that gets me through the next year until I get to fulfill my dreams and enter the fashion industry with my career.