STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Oberlin

May 25th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas/os, my name is Allison Oberlin and I am thrilled to be a Style Guru this summer! I recently finished my second year at Virginia Commonwealth University and I am excited for this opportunity to improve my writing skills and explore Richmond. The moment I stepped onto VCU’s campus I knew that this was the school that was right for me. VCU has a lively environment and an esteemed arts program where I now study Fashion Merchandising.

VCU offers many opportunities to get involved in campus organizations. As a result, I have become active in several groups. Next year I will be the President of Student’s Today Alumni Tomorrow, a member of VCU Globe, as well as a writer and stylist for VCU’s Ink Magazine. Joining Ink this year, I found that I love writing, getting to learn more about the fashion industry and meeting a variety of interesting people.

I am originally from Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., so I draw a lot of inspiration from D.C.’s art, music and international culture. Living in Richmond where style is a lot less conservative, I have begun to develop my look. I still wear garments with artistic influences, but now I am drawn to more modern silhouettes that emphasize line.

I enjoy wearing small prints, bright colors and neutrals with overall simple and clean designs. Above all, I like to dress for the weather and to be comfortable. This outfit does just that with a lightweight button-down crop top, high-waisted shorts, printed flats and a cross-body bag. When using multiple prints, it is important to use simple accessories such as the cross-body bag and gold jewelry. It is also something I could wear for a variety of occasions such as running errands or attending gallery shows.

I hope you got to know a little about me. Keep on the lookout for more of my articles this summer!