STYLE GURU BIO: Alissa Virgil

Hello Fashionistas/os! My name is Alissa Virgil and I am 21 years old. I attend the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville and am a fourth year senior. I recently became an Advertising and Public Relations major and I am so excited to see where that takes me with my studies and future career. Journalism is a field that has always piqued my interest. I love writing, designing and photography.

I am originally from California but moved to Arkansas at the age of 10. My dad still lives in California, so I get to visit him at least once or twice a year. The transition from the West coast to the South was a huge culture shock. Although I’ve spent more time in Arkansas, I still consider myself a California girl at heart.

Whenever people ask me to describe my style, I usually list the stores I most frequently shop at because I’ve never put myself into one style category. I wear what I like, and sometimes I mix styles together to create a look. It’s hard to put a label on my style when I can wear a feminine outfit one day and a grunge-inspired look the next. I like to dabble in and combine pieces from all different realms of style.

I shop at Urban Outfitters, Free People and Anthropologie the most. I’ve worked at Anthropologie for three years now; two of those years I worked part-time and now I’m a seasonal worker. I guess you can say I’m loyal to the URBN company. I mean who wouldn’t be with a discount to all those wonderful stores?

Brandy Melville, Topshop and Nordstrom are also some of my top favorites, but those stores are not in Arkansas. It’s probably a good thing too because my bank account would be drained so quickly.

I have so many celebrities that I see as my style icons such as Nicole Richie, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson.

The pieces I wore for this shoot are from Urban Outfitters and Free People. The choker is from Free People as well as the halter top.