What comes to mind when you hear about a fashion blog? Maybe the word advice, style, looks, pictures, beauty or even fashion tips! All those words and more explains what a CollegeFashionista Style Guru intern loves to do! Spending time writing, traveling and scoping the latest trends from season to season sums up this college gal. I quite frequently get caught with a camera around my neck as I capture moments through my lens at any given time of day.

My excitement for being a Style Guru will develop even more throughout the entire season, and I am so happy that I get to share it with you! I am majoring in Fashion and Textiles Management with a concentration in Product Development. My everyday routine involves and breathes fashion, in and out of school, and is a truly undeniable love! I am overjoyed to capture the fashion trends and noticeable taste of style on campus this semester.

After starting my first style blog, I learned quite a bit about myself. I changed my entire lifestyle and outlook on life, in fact. I decided to make life more of an adventure like creating my own personal photo book. The voice of style comes from my heart and my true passion to give a personal taste of my own runway. I finally escaped my hometown, moved to a fast scene of busy school days and learned what living five minutes from the city was like. I fell in love with the views and realized I am exactly where I needed to be in this amazing creative city scene.

When people think of North Carolina State University, they may not always think fashion, like one may say if you hear New York City. But if you open your eyes, you are surrounded by the beauty of fashion more than you think. I treasure my moments through my camera, and I recently started my own YouTube Channel, VisualizeStyle, to create a glimpse of the fashion and beauty I see that everyday Fashionista/os may be missing! Creating a blog or channel is fun, adventurous and quite a unique creation that keeps us bloggers maintaining an extremely busy life, but I love every second of it!

My blog and YouTube inspires me to create my own style every day. Without doing so, my love for fashion would not have such an enormous impact on my life. My favorite look consists of a casual dress with layers of accessories and Converse to take off the chic vibe a bit. Following the inspirations of styles and trends, I dress up to be self-expressive and to gain more confidence in my own skin. I want this fall to be all about you and how your everyday style keeps you feeling comfortable in your own skin. I cannot wait to learn about all the stylish personalties that North Carolina State University has to show and to be a fall Style Guru for CollegeFashionista!