My first year at a college campus has made my style evolve in many ways. I have learned to really appreciate the days I can lounge around binge-watching a season of my latest obsession on Netflix. Normally for class, you can catch me in my lululemon leggings and big T-shirts, going from Starbucks to the library on a daily basis. For school, my style really doesn’t change much from day to day.

When it comes to weekend wear, or when I’m home from school to go to work, my favorite places to shop on the weekends are Nordstrom, J.Crew, Banana Republic, lululemon and I would describe my style on these days as preppy and classic. I love to wear black and white outfits with smaller pops of color. I never leave my house without my favorite Michael Kors watch and Kendra Scott necklace. My closet is filled with different skirts and pants with either black and white stripes or other simple patterns. Every time I go shopping for another piece to add to my wardrobe I attempt to go for more colors, but no matter the season I always find myself going back to my favorites.

My favorite thing about fashion is that there are a million different ways to dress for how you’re feeling that day. If I don’t feel like being too fancy I can dress down for comfort, but if I have a big workday or an important event to go to I can slip into something more classic.

I hope that you can gain a new perspective from my posts this summer and maybe even try out some of the looks I feature. Copying is the best form of flattery, so don’t be surprised if you start a few trends! Be sure to give my posts a #RAD, here’s to a #RAD summer!