STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Buono

May 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

Greetings fashion lovers! I am so excited to be back for round two of being a Style Guru! My first semester was a great experience and I can’t wait to explore summer fashion. Get ready for months of summer concert outfits, graduation party ensembles and the perfect beach-day style!

I am so excited for this summer in more ways then one. In July, I’ll be packing my bags to go on my annual family vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida. What makes this vacation so exciting you ask? I attend this vacation every year with over 70 other people from my Dad’s side of the family. We basically rent out an entire ocean-front hotel! In addition to my vacation, I’ll be working and trying to save money since I just applied to study abroad in Florence, Italy next year. You better believe I am already planning outfits to wear while I am trolling the streets of Italy.

The past semester has been more than enjoyable. If anyone is looking for me, I can usually be found studying at the local Starbucks while sipping on an iced vanilla latte. If I’m not there then I also enjoy strolling the streets of downtown Penn State with my roomies, or attending an event with my sorority sisters. This semester I finally declared my major of supply chain management and I am so relieved! Something else you might not know about me is I am planning on double minoring in Chinese and international business. I hope to eventually make my way into the fashion industry whether it be being a buyer for a clothing company or working with the logistics of getting product from one place to another. All I know is I hope to live in either New York City or somewhere warm after graduation! I don’t know how much longer I can take these Pennsylvania winters.

I like to say my style is edgy. A majority of my wardrobe is black but I’m not opposed to trying new colors or patterns. I like anything if it has fringe on it and I love a good graphic T-shirt. Summer is all about experimenting with new outfits and trends. Some of my favorite upcoming trends of summer ’16 that I’ve been seeing are chunky sandals, off-the-shoulder tops and denim skirts.

For my outfit, I paired my favorite fringe vest with a patterned jumpsuit. I love how the wide leg of this jumpsuit almost makes it look like it could be a maxi dress. I threw on a turquoise and silver necklace to pull in colors of the jumpsuit. Turquoise jewelry is one of my favorite ways to add pops of color into an outfit. To finish the look off, I’m just wearing a pair of black lace-up sandals. I would wear this outfit to work or out to lunch with my girlfriends. Each piece is so versatile, so I can easily mix and match them into other outfits.