STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Black

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexis Black

Hey, I’m Alexis! I’m super excited to be a first time Style Guru. A little bit about me, I am a general business major at Delaware Technical and Community College. At this point in my life as a 21 year old I am currently heavily influenced by music, art, and culture when it comes to my fashion choices.

One of the few people who inspired me in fashion was my grandmother. I miss her dearly. She always had the best statement pieces and was a true Fashionista. Her vintage style was absolutely amazing and at times I would find myself dipping into her collection of jewelry and clothing. Fashion is pretty much all I know and what I’m very passionate about. When I think of fashion I think of diversity. Diversity is something I’m hoping to capture the most as a Style Guru around campus. No one’s personal style is the same and I think that’s the beauty of it! I believe in creativity and self-expression and I feel my purpose is to share that through this platform.

As a girl who’s very tall I think it’s only right that I make my presence known and stand out even more with my outfits. When I was younger my height was my biggest insecurity. Now, I let my outfits do the talking. I believe that a great look can attract attention in a positive way, along with being confident of course. It’s a way of communicating and it speaks for itself. Whether classy and chic, or cute, comfy, and casual, make a statement guys and gals!

In my look featured I’m wearing some of my favorite combinations—edgy and feminine. I paired a classic turtleneck with my favorite ripped jeans. I finished off this simple look with some fishnet stockings to give it that edge, patent leather booties, and a faux fur coat. We can’t forget to accessorize! I wore some clear lens specs to add to the look. This is a great outfit for any holiday party or a girl’s night out.

In my down time I’m either on social media keeping up with my favorite celebrities, playing with my dog, Goliath, or binge watching YouTube videos. Overall I’m a pretty down-to-earth gal who loves to socialize and share ideas. I’m also huge on forming relationships with people I vibe well with.

My goal as a Style Guru is to capture personal styles and gain experience doing what I love. I can’t wait to continue this journey and see what’s in store throughout the semester!