STYLE GURU BIO: Alexia Williams

STYLE GURU BIO: Alexia Williams

Hey y’all! I’m back and better than before, like chokers. Get ready for another semester full of the edgiest and darkest looks because the “grungy girl” is back in town!

For those who don’t know me, I am currently a sophomore at the University of Connecticut as a journalism and communications major. Everyday on campus you can catch me in all-black rocking a dark liquid lipstick. Since the ’90s are back, I have no trouble trying to find cute vintage wear while shopping.

For this outfit, I found my inspiration from Mathilda (played by the beautiful Natalie Portman) in Léon: the Professional. She has that effortless dark, gothic, disheveled look that turns heads. During the fall in New England, brown and orange are the most popular colors. I make sure to wear black so that I can easily stand out. I never worry too much about the brand or label because in the end, the look is what matters most. So you can always catch me in all the thrift shops around town looking for the grungiest, yet most stylish clothes. Also, with a college student budget, I know I will always have enough to buy new clothes because second-hand is always over half off! Anything will always be more attractive to me if it is on sale.

Here’s my look: I am wearing a lace-up shirt, which was at its height of popularity in ’95-’97. This creates a flirty look, but adds darkness because of its color. On top, I have a delicate lacy shawl to add contrast to the whole look. For the bottoms, I am wearing a floral lace maxi skirt with a delicate print. Lace was popular in the ’90s so you can never go wrong with it. The gladiator sandals draw more attention to the bottom of the outfit so that people can notice everything. To accessorize, I wear at least two necklaces (one being a choker). The ’90s were also all about dark lips so I have my brown liquid lipstick that will never let me down. With all these different elements, I can create the perfect look that will add some history to this generation.

Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable looks in this beautiful unknown state together!