STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandria Gentile

My name is Alexandria Gentile and I’m a Windy City girl transplanted to Columbia, Missouri  to study the exciting fields of both journalism and economics! I have live and breathe fashion and have since I was young enough to flip through Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.

My style has evolved and changed rapidly throughout the years. Although there are many trends that I gladly left in the past (Hello, Abercrombie cardigans), I have always searched for not only a fashionable outfit, but for a sense of style unique to myself. Being a trendsetter isn’t about replicating the norm, it is about defining your personal style in a world where the norm is meant to be challenged.

From season to season, I have had my definite share of fashion mistakes but through every blunder, I have crossed my comfort zone into the unknown. I have found that the innate beauty of personal style lies within that concept. Every fashionista that I have know is a game changer, rule breaker, and overall, have found a strong sense of individualism within every piece of their outfit.

Although my fashion philosophy doesn’t exactly find bounds within the trends and fads that come and go so quickly within the fashion industry, my advice to every budding fashionista is to explore the area outside your comfort zone.
Oscar Wilde, a favorite poet of mine, once said “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Find a style that lives, breathes, and inspires everything that you are passionate about and fashion will follow.

Every leap and bound I have made since my early days of flipping through Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue has constructed a style full of funky t-shirts, slightly nerdy glasses, and most importantly, confidence.

In my featured outfit, my black matte lace up shorts were definitley on the more daring and edgy side of campus wear. To balance the incredible detail, I paired them with a simple black tank. In order to create a casual vibe, I matched the ensemble with a simple silver statement necklace and leather sneakers.

I have always dreamed of taking my passion for personal style and one day and bring it to life through a blog. I’m so excited to bring Mizzou’s unique style to CollegeFashionista readers, enjoy!