STYLE GURU BIO: Alexandra Amendola

Hello college Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Alexandra Amendola and I am a Communications and Media student studying at DePaul University in Chicago. I am delighted to be one of CollegeFashionista’s Style Gurus for not only my campus but also my city, this semester. I can’t wait to explore and report the latest fashion trends that young men and women are rocking on my campus.

For many students living and working in large cities, style is of the utmost importance. Ever since I began attending DePaul University in Chicago, my style has become something I focus on greatly. I have learned that tuning into your personal style can greatly benefit your confidence and ability to stand out in a crowd. I am excited to intern for CollegeFashionista because I believe that fashion around university campuses is unique, diverse and deserves to be recognized!

Despite the fact that my wardrobe has expanded and evolved many times over the course of my life, one thing that has remained essential to my look is color. Every morning as I gaze through my closet to put together an outfit, I notice that I have an array of different patterns and colors to sort through. Purchasing a wild pattern or brightly colored item has always worked out in my favor, in that the pieces end up coming together nicely.

Moving out of summer into the upcoming fall semester, I have found sandals and tortoiseshell sunglasses to be essential for my look. Neutral colored sandals and a versatile pair of sunglasses are two style choices that are perfect for a new school year. I cannot wait to show off all of the trendy styles around my campus this fall, I hope that you’re all excited too! Stay tuned!