STYLE GURU BIO: Alexa Yaksich

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Although I look forward to the oversized sweaters, scarves and boots, I still need my little piece of summer. The beginning of the fall semester is the perfect time for students to still embrace their summer style, while incorporating little aspects of the fall season. My favorite way to do this is by incorporating what I call a “half and half.” This is when someone wears either a long sleeve/long pants mixed with a short sleeve/shorts.

In my look here I wore a cropped, flowy tank top from Forever 21. This tank top is perfect for the August weather, when it is still sunny and warm. I incorporated this spaghetti strap tank top with high-waisted acid-wash jeans from H&M. The blue on blue combination works well because of the contrast in shades of blue. The high-waisted jeans mixed with the cropped tank top allows for no skin to show, which makes this a school appropriate outfit if desired.

I tied together the look with a wide-brimmed fedora with a black ribbon around it. In order to make the black ribbon more of a statement, I wore black sandals to tie it all together. This is a perfect outfit to wear around campus in the early fall. The stylish, yet casual look doesn’t appear too overdressed, or too underdressed for any occasion such as class, studying or going out to eat with friends. If you’re going out to a party, take the fedora off and let your hair flow down for a more natural look.