STYLE GURU BIO: Alanna Kouri

This being my second STYLE GURU BIO, I feel it is only fitting to start the semester off honestly: Hi, my name is Alanna, and I am a hot mess. Now you may be wondering, “what qualifies one as a hot mess?” because most college students probably feel like they are hot messes. Good question. I am a hot mess in the way that decisions are not my friend and as an incoming sophomore you could probably guess why that’s slightly problematic. Most people are getting their lives together and I’m spending an hour in Target trying to decide whether these decorative flowers are really necessary. (They were necessary).

Basically, I cannot make decisions, I am sarcastic and embarrassing. So, yes, I am a hot mess, but I am also a writer and a student and a baby sister and a new aunt. I am a slightly less than avid reader and slightly above avid Netflix binger. I have a desire to go places I have never been and do things that I have never done, which is why I love being a Style Guru.

I have never considered myself to be someone who is knowledgeable enough about fashion to write about it. I am not going to pretend like I know all of the latest and greatest in the world of fashion. I am not studying fashion nor have I ever wanted to with all do respect to the fashion world. My personal idea of fashion is something that does not have to be taken too seriously. It is something that can make you feel pretty when you feel like a potato. It is something that makes you comfortable when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Buy too many crop tops, give into your booties addiction even in the peak of summer and wear those five dollar sunglasses with pride.

So, I am sorry to say I will probably not know all of the latest fall designer fashions, but I do know how to make an outfit that makes you feel confident even on your most insecure days. Plus, I know every quote from She’s the Man, Friends and Boy Meets World—just throwing that out there.

For anyone else out there who is an awkward, horrible decision-making, anxious, sarcastic, hot mess like myself, my mom says we will figure our stuff out eventually. Until then, just fake it and do you and along the way you can check out my articles every first of the month to see if I happen to get my life in order.