STYLE GURU BIO: Adrienne Alderman

It’s summer: that means lots of beach trips, hanging out friends, reading new books and exploring my hometown, right? Not so fast. Like many other Style Gurus, a college student summer entails jobs, internships and building the résumé so that you can stay on track for your career.

I’m counting down the days until my own work starts, which includes slowly building up my collection of professional attire. A pencil skirt and blazer may not be as fun as a crop top and cut-offs, but I’ve quickly come to learn just how one can balance being office-appropriate and chic all at the same time. I’m ready to put my wardrobe to the test and to bring you along on my adventure.

In the meantime, I’m celebrating my last few day of freedom to wear whatever I want. As such, I’ve found myself putting extra effort into outfits for brunch and coffee with friends. Hey, these clothes are not going to wear themselves while I’m working this summer, so they must get some mileage and wear while they can.

I’ve been able to explore some trends throughout May, including the off-the-shoulder dress. Not only does this look show off the collarbone and shoulders, but it allows for more cool air to wash over the shoulders, even on a sweltering summer day.

I’m a die-hard fan of Kendra Scott, something you will likely notice in the future posts that include me. The label is always releasing new items, balancing a collection of bohemian, preppy and edgy pieces. For this outfit, I went with their classic tassel necklace which comes in a variety of colors. and can be layered in endless ways.

I topped off (or rather bottomed off considering we are talking shoes) the look with a pair of heeled sandals that my mother and I have shared for years. These shoes have been through graduations, weddings, brunches and beach parties and have lasted. There is nothing quite like investing in a pair of great leather shoes and watching them become a part of your life experiences.

Whether I’m traipsing around in a trendy look or doing my best to balance business and fashion in the workplace, I know this summer will be all about exploring my style and, in a way, exploring myself and what my future may have in store.

Stay tuned on the journey ahead.