STYLE GURU BIO: Adriana Sánchez

My name is Adriana Sánchez and I am a current sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. I’m majoring in Architecture and minoring in Art History (with a keen eye on the Art/Design major). I am obsessed with the idea of museums due to the emptiness of a room in its volume but the actual art has more substance than the vast walls around it. Naturally, anything to do with coordinating a composition and setting up a certain visual experience fascinates me. Fashion can be interpreted the same way.

Vincent van Gogh once stated, “What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Fashion involves a sense of courage to wear things that either reflect you without boundaries or try crazy trends that make you feel amazing. Either way, life is filled with decisions and fashion is a big part of it. You cannot run away from getting dressed in the morning, so why not try something new. My style centers on the color black and simplicity. I just like to feel good in order to produce as much quality content as I can.

I am a really big advocate for anything vintage. It conveys a little sub story to your whole outfit. Where you find your pieces and how they resemble something from the past fascinates me. So, biggest advice, look through family members’ closets. Peter Pan collars and 1960s doll looks are my inspirations.