Hi friends! Mark this article as my return to my second semester as a Style Guru and an official welcome back to my adventures with CollegeFashionista. Starting this fall, I will be a senior at New York University studying English with a track in Creative Writing and a minor in Media, Culture and Communications. It has been an honor and delight working with the lovely CollegeFashionista home office team, shooting for the July 4th promo and being the second #StyleGuruHighlight feature in the series! If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.

Other than working day in and day out as a barista at Spreadhouse Coffee and working on these exciting projects with CollegeFashionista, I’ve been working as an editor for the Brooklyn Poets Society and have found myself planning out my last year in my undergraduate studies.

Having officially lived on my own, in my own apartment in Brooklyn for the past two years has allowed and forced me to reshape and mature my own wardrobe (partly because my closet size has shrunk between apartments) and to really hone and develop my own style. With a big girl job on the horizon, I’ve found myself happily giving in to the sleek, structured and more mature look I’ve been growing into. In this article, I’m wearing my new favorite slim fit trousers, a cool and casual tube top, and my new favorite accessory: the bolo tie! This sweet little backpack has also been my best friend on long days out in the city – I can throw my film camera, my journal, a bottle of water and anything else I need in it and still look effortless!

This is it my friends, I hope you’re all ready to buckle in for another amazing semester with me, all my fellow Style Gurus and the amazing CollegeFashionista team… Because I am!