STYLE GURU BIO: Abigail Shatrau

STYLE GURU BIO: Abigail Shatrau

Hello Fashionistas! Welcome to my segment of CollegeFashionista. My name is Abigail Shatrau and let me tell you it is so great to be back again. This will be my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I could not be more excited!

As of right now, I am a fashion merchandising student at SUNY Oneonta. I am transferring to the Fashion Institute of Technology next fall. Each day I get more and more impatient as I get closer to finally being in the city of my dreams fulfilling my long-awaited ambitions and aspirations.

CollegeFashionista has taught me so much about blogging, even in just one semester of the internship. I feel like it really gave me the boost I needed to be confident in having a blog of my own and that is exactly what I decided to do. Despite having my own platform to blog on, I am still passionately devoted to CollegeFashionista and all of the opportunities it continues to give me.

On my snippet of CollegeFashionista, you can expect to find all things minimalistic, sporty, edgy and maybe even a little bit hippie related. Growing up in a small town has taught me how to keep things stylish yet completely wearable for the lifestyle of my town. I do hope that as I make my way to the city my soul and my style can flourish into what I have always dreamt them to become.

Fashion has never been something I looked at very closely, but the deeper and deeper I delve into it the more I get out of it. I believe that fashion is the most important defining feature of someone. A style tells someone’s story and life journey. It allows us to express who we are and even how we are feeling. It is the “picture worth a thousand words” that you front every day to the entire world. To me, that is so unexplainably astounding and remarkable. I think that a lot of people brush off fashion or style yet it is such a diverse and vast concept which fascinates me all the time. To end the summer with a bang, my outfit includes a beautiful midi bodycon dress, the classic denim jacket, sneakers and the latest obsession of a black choker necklace.

I hope that you all take something away from my post and continue to absorb the complexity and excitement of everything fashion. Be sure to follow me on my Instagram and Twitter for updates on all my posts. Last but not least, do not forget to be RAD every day because darling, life is too short to dress boring.