STYLE GURU BIO: Abigail Koerner

Hello Fashionistas! I am Abby Koerner and I am currently a Junior at Illinois State University. This semester is a start of a brand new journey for me, as I will finally be starting my core classes in apparel merchandising and design! As you can probably guess I live and breathe all things fashion, and consider myself to be a professional shopper and excellent bargain hunter. When I’m not busy with school work you can catch me relaxing, catching up on all the latest tv shows I’ve missed, going through my millions of emails from stores looking for the best deals or out on the town goofing around with all my friends!

When I was little, I’ll admit, I was the biggest tomboy ever. I lived for T-shirts and basketball shorts. Over the years I’ve grown to love fashion and have literally become obsessed with it. Ask around and plenty of girls will tell you their love for fashion, but why is fashion so awesome? I look at fashion as a way to express myself and be different.

I would describe my style as constantly changing but if I had to pick a favorite of mine, it of course would be street style comfort. The best thing about today’s top trends is how much athleisure wear has made an impact on the fashion world. I, along with the majority of other college students, love my yoga pants and leggings, and am constantly trying to dress them up or dress them down. I love simple and natural looks, but from time to time you can catch me rocking a bold print.

With this internship through CollegeFashionista I am excited to show people my style, as well as give them style tips to go along with changing seasons!

Always remember to be unique and different with your outfit choices, dress for you, Fashionistas!