STYLE GURU BIO: Abi Biroschak

Do you remember that girl in middle school who wore blue eyeshadow without eyeliner or mascara, and red lipstick everyday? Yeah, that was me. Remembering this practically gives me heart palpitations, but  I am surprisingly thankful for this time of my life. I began experimenting with beauty and fashion earlier than most of my peers, and become more comfortable with my own style while others were only beginning to dabble in the world that is style. And now? Now I am the girl you text when you don’t know what to wear on your date with the cute guy from your dorm floor.

My name is Abi Biroschak, and I am a freshman at Ohio University (OU—OH YEAH!) studying psychology and chemistry. I know it’s weird to take fashion advice from a science geek like me—but my  goal as a Style Guru is to help others be excited to get up and look in the mirror, to find their own personal style and be confident in it. I’ve modeled for a little while, but now prefer being behind the camera—and looking cute while doing it! Besides style, I really dig photography, homemade mac and cheese, poetry, taking cute candids of my friends, painting, yoga, cliff diving, adventures and Halsey. I believe there is nothing more powerful than confidence, especially the kind that comes from a good pair of heels and red lipstick.

My style varies by day (who’s doesn’t?) but basically, I’m a strange hybrid of edgy and boho, of Tumblr and Pinterest, of chokers and flower crowns. I believe we are all different people every day, every moment and I hate the idea of choosing just one way to describe yourself, one style to wear; so, I don’t. We are all complex people who are constantly evolving moment by moment, but, the one thing I always am is bold. Bold in class, bold in my social life, and bold in my style.

So here’s to a RAD semester full of crazy makeup, cute dresses, cozy scarves and being bold.