My name is Abby Snopek. I currently live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I attend Temple University. I am currently a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I am hoping that my degree in Marketing will help me jump into the business side of the fashion industry!

As a college student, I usually have very little time to get ready for class; however, I still manage to find ways to look put together while on the go. My go-to look when I am running out the door to class is a dress, some sandals and earrings to make the look truly original. If I had to describe my style I would say it ranges from urban risk taker to bohemian-chic. I see my walk to class as my runway to show off my style.

I never realized how truly passionate I was about fashion and taking risks until I got to college. I grew up in a conservative small town where expressing yourself with fashion was not encouraged. When I got to Philadelphia, I realized that it was good to express yourself and not care what others think or say about you. This may sound cheesy, but fashion has made me super confident. I feel like I can take the world by storm when I feel confident in what I’m wearing.

I use my confidence mantra when it comes to picking out style icons as well. There are countless women whose styles I admire but if I could only pick one I would say Lauren Conrad is my ultimate inspiration. Lauren is great because she has an effortless cool girl next door style. I also like her movement of beauty coming in all shapes and sizes. She has contributed to this movement by banning the word “skinny” from her website when describing body types. That is a huge deal to me because I believe that fashion is for EVERYONE.

I became a part of CollegeFashionista because I loved seeing so many different people sharing their own personal style for the world to see. I am excited to scope out students on campus with great style. I also look forward to contributing my own personal tips and tricks for fashion. Come join me on my adventure!