Hello beautiful souls! My name is Evelyn Na and I am a Public Relations major at the beautiful beachside school of Pepperdine University. I grew up in the small suburbs of Orange County, so I am a SoCal girl at heart.

Because I have grown up in the sunny Southern California, the weather has definitely influenced my fashion. My fashion sense tends to gravitate towards bohemian clothing. I love casual tops and bottoms. Most of the time, you can see me in my Birkenstocks just because it is convenient and trendy. However, there are days when I want to have a different identity. Sometimes, I can be wanting to be a preppy Evelyn, while there are other days when I want to be a hardcore all-leather Evelyn. That’s what I love about fashion. With simply changing my clothes, I can explore the different identities I have. However in the end, I always tend to always seek comfort and laid back outfits.

In this particular outfit, I am channeling my bohemian style. I am wearing a cropped tank top from Urban Outfitters, high-waisted shorts from Hollister Co., sunglasses from LOFT, wide-brimmed straw hat from Urban Outfitters, sandals from Birkenstocks and a cross-body bag from Rebecca Minkoff. I try to keep it minimal with accessories, so you will rarely see me wearing jewelry. Therefore, I try to replace jewelry with hats and sunglasses.

This year I am excited to show you guys the different fashion tastes of Pepperdine University. Because the school is located near the beach, you will definitely see an influence.