College campuses are rampant with thousands of kids rushing to get to their next class, everyone on his or her own mission ready to tackle the world. There are many clubs and activities students can be a part of. At tons of schools the Greek community invites students to show their spirit in a fashionable way! This is their version of the classic “We wear pink on Wednesdays.” Instead, the sorority and fraternity members welcome the concept of “Wear It Wednesdays.” This gives each member the opportunity to rock their favorite Greek piece, or flash those fam letters. At the beginning of every year the opportunity to show off where you came from can be tremendously appealing. But as the semester rolls down, finding creative outfits to match your letters can be difficult.

On an average Wear It Wednesday I spotted this adorable Fashionista working her letters H to T. Her casual, yet trendy look incorporated styles and pieces from her every day wardrobe, which were mixed in to elevate her look. Her American flag family letters sweatshirt was paired with a simple black cotton legging. These pants provide that hump day comfort and simple style. Leggings are a perfect solution to the pant epidemic going on. The versatile styles allow Fashionistas to mix and match styles. The main focal point of this piece is her rockin’ bag! The textures from the distressed leather welcome in navy blue and black shades. Her oversized tote is perfect for carrying those tremendous textbooks to and from class. The extra large straps provide arm comfort and create less wearable damage.

This Fashionista’s fingernails were on point. Rocking what I like to call extraterrestrial black nail polish. This shade from the new essie collection provides a shimmer of color to the look, giving her the opportunity to include subtle jewelry details.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fashion should be easy and comfortable. Everyone can replicate their favorite runway looks for everyday fashion, even Wear It Wednesdays!”