STYLE ADVICE: Wrap Up to Warm Hearts

Winter is well underway in the great Northeast. Good luck getting to class without some form of outerwear. The bitter cold wind is lurking, waiting for any bare hands it can find to numb them red with just one touch. Ironically it burns, like touching dry ice, and freezes over our insides so that it’s impossible to enjoy the day. When it comes time to leave the house, it’s hard to part ways with that throw blanket on the couch.

This Fashionista has an alternative option to take on the go. She wraps herself up in a blanket cape so the cold has no shot at getting in. The red plaid fabric sets the color theme of her outfit and prevents her skin from turning the same shade. Her mind and heart are kept nice and toasty so that she’s happy-go-lucky and ready to succeed in her daily endeavors. Who knows, she’ll probably also spread the warmth and joy to those she encounters.

The red wrap is the focal point of the outfit. It stands out against her simple long sleeve, black T-shirt. This brings out the black lines in the scarf and she balances it out by adding black leather boots. Her black cat-eye sunglasses also reiterate the color scheme of the look, as she wards off those blinding rays that come off of a low hanging sun this time of year.

She tucks her black top into a pair of triple-button high-waisted jeans. The light wash stays neutral as to not take away from the outfit, and the distressed look of the jeans complements the plaid wrap, adding an edgy, rugged vibe. Keeping things neutral and edgy, check out her perfectly manicured nude acrylic nails!

This wintery look is finished off with a cream pair of fingerless knit gloves. They’re perfect for showing off her nails, but they’re also super convenient for being able to operate a smartphone or tablet without having to take them off.

For the even more cold-blooded Fashionista/Fashionisto, swap the long sleeve T-shirt for a dark cable knit sweater and pick a dark pair of fleece-lined leggings. This will create thicker skin that’s nearly immune to the subzero air. Who knows, it will probably even make the colder hearts warmer once their owner is nice and cozy.