STYLE ADVICE: Why Not White?

March 15th, 2017 at 2:00am

If you’re anything like me, then you might be a little hesitant to wear color. I see people all the time on campus rocking bright sundresses on those warmer weather days. However, I tend to shy away from the brights and stick to the whites. The trend of wearing different shades of one color head to toe is huge right now, and it’s an easy way to look chic without trying too hard. I know a lot of people stay in the all black comfort zone, so why not switch it up and try white with a twist!

It can be hard to look unique when wearing one color head to toe, so when I saw this awesome interpretation of an all white outfit, I was inspired. This Fashionista styled her white jeans with Adidas and a white, textured top to add dimension. I think this colorful geometric jacket is such an awesome way to break up the monochromatic outfit and to add personality! Mixing textures is my all-time favorite thing to do, and I think she pulled it off perfectly. The Fashionista paired her look with bold accessories like this layered statement necklace and fun ear cuffs. These simple touches, like the trendy shoes and accessories, make this look stand out. She kept her hair and makeup simple with smokey eyeliner and a glossy lip to top off the whole look.

My advice is to take a page from this Fashionista’s book and add your own personality to an all white outfit. Add trendier accessories like a bold choker or a distressed denim jacket to the white outfit if that is more your style. Wearing all one color can be versatile if you add your personal style to it and dress it up or down. I hope this inspires you to rock your own interpretation of an all white outfit and bring out your personal style!

Next time you’re staring at your closet struggling for the perfect outfit just think, why not white?