STYLE ADVICE: Toasty in Neutrals

January 18th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Toasty in Neutrals

Judging by the recent and frequent snowfall we’ve been experiencing, plus the fact that I have to warm up my car for 10 minutes before driving, I suppose we can assume that winter is in full swing. I don’t know about the rest of the Northeast #gurugang, but I have been freezing my tail off lately and just can’t seem to stay warm. The desire to stay inside with books and hot drinks is strong, but a new year calls for new experiences and new memories. So after investing in multiple new coats, scarves, and other cold weather accessories, I deemed myself perfectly capable of carrying on with life…outdoors.

I love the way this hunk of a Fashionisto nails cold weather dressing. His outfit is casual enough for a day out exploring, yet dressy enough for dinner at a nicer restaurant. Lending slightly to the athleisure trend, pairing a hooded sweatshirt underneath a wool coat is a major street style win. Thanks for that, Kanye.

My favorite aspect of this look is how well all of the colors work together. Naturally I wouldn’t pair navy with black like… ever. However, this Fashionisto has me quickly changing my mind. The color combo works well in this case because of how dark the wash is on his blue jeans. In my opinion, this style of denim is essential during any time of the year, and constantly appears on lists of fashion lover’s “must-haves.”

A slim, quality leather pair of Chelsea boots are also an essential wardrobe addition, required for warm and comfortable feet. These boots pair perfectly with this Fashionisto’s outfit, elevating it from daytime to nighttime wear. Combined with the ultra dark wash tapered denim, a long wool topcoat, and a basic gray hoodie, these toasty neutrals combine to create a bold look.