STYLE ADVICE: Throwing Shade for the Sun

June 1st, 2017 at 2:00am

Like a ray of sunshine, burst through the weather with some confidence. That’ll make even the shadiest of them all spot you in a clear and perfect view. It’s summertime, and while others may be dipping and diving into swimming pools and getting ready for a summer vacation, we can’t forget the most important thing: staying hip and stylish. As Fashionistas, we must know that simplicity is key. Yes, go for a bold color and even go the extra mile with patterns. Even if it’s hard to admit, this breakout of weather will convince you that less is definitely more.

With shutting the door to spring and allowing summer access to our killer wardrobes, the sun shouldn’t allow us to get out of hand either. Every individual has their go-to style, but everyone wants to look great too, right? The number one item for me is sunglasses that are in a nice color to bring out your face. Another element that is great is a hairdo of some spectacular style.

To accompany her bold sunglasses, this Fashionista opted for a fresh and clean look in a plain tan sweater and matching slacks. She is also not doing too much with her balanced tones in her color scheme, which allows you to take note of the colors of her wardrobe and accessories. Paired with a plain black handbag, Nike cortez sneakers are also worn to bring everything together. In the end, this Fashionista’s sunglasses were the focal point of this look.