STYLE ADVICE: Swimming into Spring

CABIN FEVER?! Cabin fever. It’s about that time of year, are you feeling it yet? Well I’ll tell you right now that you are not the only one. We’ve officially hit the part of the year where the snow is melting, thus making everything soggy, muddy, and such a mess. While the days are still long and the wind still ever so harsh, do not stay cooped up all season long. Bad weather cannot kill your style this spring.

Featured in this article and coming back this season are floral printed shoes, and as the marvelous Meryl Streep’s character Miranda Priestly said once before, “Florals? in Spring? Groundbreaking.” Why yes Meryl, I know florals are nothing new but as always they are making a come back this spring which is exactly where they belong in new and trendy colors and patterns. Nothing brightens a mood and shouts springs quite like pastel flowers flooding a white canvas.

The warmth of a cute pair of jeans should be enough to hold you over until the fresh new warmer air rolls in, but be sure to pair it with a warm, cozy sweater just to be safe. On days where you would much rather stay in bed, just throw on a sweater with a few accessories, your outfit will be complete and ready to go.

Pairing any outfit with a watch especially if you are running late is not only stylish and trendy but useful as well. Combination bracelets are extra helpful for adding color, a little arm candy and pulling an entire look full circle.

This season be sure to stay warm as always, but never let the weather dull your style. Be on the look out for florals and bright colors coming your way shortly. Throw in a bright nail polish or some statement jewelry and you are ready to take on anything.