STYLE ADVICE: Sweater and Jacket Weather

In Chicago, if you want to be inspired by fashion, all you have to do is walk out your door. Fashion is everywhere and there are so many individuals with their own unique style. This winter, long down coats, in addition to a sweater on underneath, have been a major trend. The most significant reason being they are warm. Winters in the Midwest are brutal and when it comes to the trendy city of Chicago, the locals are looking for stylish clothes that will keep them warm.

This trendsetting college student is wearing her favorite color to wear, black, which is also a color that can make any person look very sleek and sophisticated. She pairs a leather legging with knee-high black boots, creating a more dressy look. To make the outfit more casual, she adds a gray sweater. The sweater adds more color to the look and adds warmth while going out in the cold weather. For accessories, this Fashionista adds layered necklaces to enhance the look visually. To make the outside bearable, she adds a black down jacket to complete the look.

If you want to stay warm and be stylish, add a sweater to your look before you put on the winter jacket. You will not only stay warm but will be a trendsetter on the streets. There are so many kinds of sweaters, find the one that suits your style. Also, layering a couple of necklaces and adding them to your outfit is always a great choice, no matter what season. Layered necklaces can be worn with almost any outfit.