STYLE ADVICE: Spring into Summer

There comes a time every spring when we can feel summer trying to creep its way into our lives. It’s that day when you wake up and check your weather app only to find it is 80 degrees outside. The pant and jacket combination you originally had planned is a no-go (unless you want to sweat like crazy).

Putting together that first summer-ish outfit can be difficult, especially when it’s still springtime. You don’t want to make too aggressive of a jump from spring to summer, and after being away from those pieces for so many months, you almost can’t remember what you own. It’s tempting to just grab athletic shorts and a T-shirt and call it a day.

It may require some digging to the back of your dresser, but it is totally possible to put together a good spring-summer transition outfit. This Fashionista chose to tackle the hot day by pairing some simple denim shorts with a sleeveless, textured red top. Since the top is a thicker material, it is perfect for the spring. Primary colors are a great spring-summer transition palette, bringing in some of the vibrancy of summer without being too in your face. This Fashionista embraces this, even matching her lipstick color with her outfit.

She accessorizes effortlessly, slipping on some Birkenstock sandals that are as comfy as they are cute. Her light brown bag ties into her shoes, and the tassel adds a boho, summer flair. She tops her accessories off with a simple, dainty gold necklace with a charm that shows she is ready for days under the sun.

So here’s to soaking in the last days of spring and embracing summer with open arms and ready wardrobes.