STYLE ADVICE: Spring Pastels

Pink is one of the biggest project colors of the spring/summer fashion season and it is for everyone (not just girls!). I was super excited to see how this Fashionisto boldly mixed these two bright colors on his way to class and I especially love his pink shirt. This Fashionisto told me that pink has always been his favorite color, but that a faded pink is really the way to go. He has always dressed differently that others, even in middle school, and he still does to this day.

I have been looking for a new backpack and I might have to steal this one! The pop of color draws the right kind of attention and it matches well with most outfits. I also love that he rolled the leg of his jeans. They may be a simple piece but he makes them his own. Mixing black shoes with white socks and vice versa are one of this Fashionisto’s staples. He gets a lot of his inspiration from Instagram bloggers and models.

The school year is coming to a close faster than we can even imagine. It is so easy to lose our sense of fashion and slip into the boring everyday look that many of our peers have been wearing all semester. I personally believe that continuing to dress fashionably even during the lowest points in the semester makes it easier to be successful academically. This Fashionisto said about this outfit, “If the outfit makes you happy, if it brings you joy, if it brings you comfort, then you should wear it.” Dress well, test well!