STYLE ADVICE: Slay in Comfort and Style

STYLE ADVICE: Slay in Comfort and Style

Let’s be real, if someone were to ask you to pick out the most comfortable outfit for a day on campus, right now you are picturing your favorite oversize sweater, some leggings, and your trusty old UGGs. Am I right? If so, then girl…it’s time to leave those thoughts at the door. The most important thing you think about when putting an outfit together for campus is comfort. Of course you want to be comfortable when you are at school, but girl let’s not forget that the style gods have given us the power of fashion to slay each day in style! Often, sloppy looking outfits are associated with the idea of being comfortable—this does not have to be the case. This Fashionista shows us an example of how to dress comfortably for campus but still look like you could sit front row at fashion week.

Although hoodies and leggings are an all-time favorite, it does not mean that you have to limit your sense of style just for comfort. Without having to look like she just rolled out of bed, this Fashionista is dressed for campus in an outfit that screams: “Honey, I’m here to slay!” but in the most comfortable way. You can make your outfit look like you are ready to conquer the world, dressed in style and with the flexibility of comfort! You can keep your comfortable pieces as the anchor of your outfit and still look chic by incorporating stylish details to your outfit just like how this Fashionista has incorporated a risky sheer blouse with a sassy bralette peeking through that definitely catches our attention.

What’s more comfortable than a pair of wide leg pants? Firstly, your legs have space to stretch and feel that fresh air. Really there is nothing worse than a tight pair of skinny jeans on a long day, especially a long day on campus. These wide leg pants worn by this Fashionista instantly bring this look to life through the vibrant, tribal prints on it— comfortable, yet still fashionable. Remember you don’t always have to carry a backpack to school; keep it stylish with a handbag or even a smart satchel. I know many people think it is impractical to conquer a day on campus in heels, but honey if your cute pair of heels is what’s calling you in the morning to complete that outfit, DO IT! Like this Fashionista, your heel can be thick and not too high to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day.

So remember: you don’t have to look like a sloth to achieve comfort. Yes, it is important to be comfortable in order to perform your daily tasks, but it is also important to make yourself look presentable. You can keep those comfortable pieces just ensure that you pay attention to the way you style them, and you are good to go!

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