STYLE ADVICE: See the World in Color

In the past year, some of fashion’s most cringe-worthy trends have become the most covetable. Sunglasses with tinted lenses in hues ranging from red to yellow and beyond, are the latest to join the hype.

When fashion insiders and influencers decided to accept items like the track pant and slide shoe, it was only time before another forgotten trend from the past would be recycled for a new season. Enter tinted sunglasses, a ’90s trend that’s going to be major for the summer of 2017. According to, both Gucci and Louis Vuitton had models sport yellowed lenses for their resort 2017 runway shows. Not to mention the flood of It girls and Instagram cool girls sporting the trend alike.

Although some continue to view tinted shades as distasteful, I think they’re wildly refreshing for an industry that can sometimes seem too repetitive and predictable. The different colors are light and fun and a far cry from the all too serious connotations surrounding high fashion.

This Fashionista styled a pair of red tinted sunglasses with a fitted off-the-shoulder T-shirt, a pair of comfy white culotte pants, and silver Vans slip-on shoes. The retro sunnies definitely channel a cool-girl vibe and add a pop of color to her outfit.

This Fashionista got her pair far from home in the city of Mumbai in India. But for those of us nowhere near the heart of Bollywood, there’s still hope. Retail chains like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and Topshop, are carrying the trendy shades in all shapes and sizes. Popular styles include heart-shaped lenses, aviators and John Lennon’s signature round frames. Plus, the best part is that some of these styles can be nabbed for the cost of a pizza.

If you’re a Fashionista/o looking for a pop of color in your summer wardrobe, tinted shades are the way to go. Wear them to summer festivals, lounge sessions at the beach, and if you’ve got a yellow tinted pair, wear them during late night drives to reduce glare. In short,  wear them just about anywhere. Remember to stay trendy, and stay #RAD.