STYLE ADVICE: Patched Perfection

The newest trend I have been seeing is patching up an old (or new) denim jacket—or just about any article of clothing. Ironing on or sewing on patches can give an old jacket a new look or make a plain jacket an interesting piece in your wardrobe. Patches are a great way to express your personality and make any piece of clothing a statement. Some denim jackets come already with patches, or some of the best denim jackets can be found thrifting.

This conversational piece is styled with a pink pastel T-shirt underneath (which matches this Fashionisto’s hair perfectly), these rad iridescent shades with turquoise frames, and drawstring khakis to complete the look. This Fashionisto has been collecting patches for a while and gets them from all different places from ASOS to Buffalo Exchange. He says he thinks pins are a cool and easy way to decorate a jacket, and the best part is that he can take them off and pin them on something else. The fun really is finding new patches that describe you and adding new ones wherever you like. A patched jacket can become a timeless piece in your closet that never really goes out of style.

The patching trend has been hot for a while and some of the rarest patches can also be found in vintage stores for a nostalgic vibe. Every patched jacket is unique; the awesome part is no one will have the same one as you even though this look is so popular!