STYLE ADVICE: Off-the-Shoulder and On-Trend

STYLE ADVICE: Off-the-Shoulder and On-Trend

Contrary to unpopular belief, climate change is not a myth. In fact, it is a very real threat with a profoundly negative impact not only on our planet but also on our outfits.

I feel personally victimized by this unwarranted heat wave we’ve been experiencing here in the Midwest. I have so many winter looks that will never have the chance to be put together, and I’m certainly not prepared to throw on a dress without the security of a pair of tights to hide my unsightly pale legs. What’s a gal to do when it’s too warm to safely hide in the comfort of a turtleneck?

This Fashionista has the perfect solution: baby steps. Showing a little bit of skin is a great way to ease yourself out of cold weather apparel and into an early spring wardrobe. Her off-the-shoulder, velvet top caught my eye; it might just be the perfect transitional piece from winter to spring.

She paired it with a classic pair of black jeans and black booties that really allow the subtle blue undertone of the stunning top to shine through. Her round, iridescent shades are a super fun contrast to the dark hues present in this outfit, and perfectly mimic the vibes of everything else she’s wearing.

To combat this unpredictable weather, this Fashionista topped her look off with a light car coat—the perfect piece to keep you warm in the morning when it feels like winter, but can easily be removed to flash some skin when it’s basically summer by the afternoon.  

This Fashionista actually purchased her top from a boutique in Germany while she was studying abroad. Just in case you won’t be swinging by Germany in the near future, you can still rock the off-the-shoulder trend with just as much chicness as this Fashionista.

This trend is perfect for a chic day look, as this Fashionista has proved, or a foolproof evening look—the exposed shoulders work especially well in situations that require a lot of shimmying.

While I mourn the loss of my favorite season for fashion, this Fashionista’s look reminds me that there is so much to be excited about in the warmer months to come. If you’re not quite ready to let go of winter but also not trying to sweat through your couture, take some baby steps and ease into spring one shoulder at a time.